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Gran Canaria seems made to be explored on mountain bike. Its unique trails and breathtaking landscapes make it one of the best European destinations for mountain biking. 

What we love most? Join the mountains trails with the ocean in the same ride. Our most requested tours start from the top of our silent mountains, at around 2000 meters of altitude, to end in the crystal clear sea of the South. Just behind the ocean in fact, there is great network of trails, surrounded by pine forests, where you can enjoy a whole day of superbe mountain biking.

The nice and optimal climate for outdoor activities makes of Gran Canaria a cult destination for mountain bikers from all over the world. World-class Mountain bikers such as Cedric Gracia, Guido Tschugg, Danny McAskill, Sam Pilgrim, Yannick Granieri, Tom CardyJordi Bago, love to ride and train here, thanks to the variety of trails and unbeatable weather.

Check out this video and you’ll see why!

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We can not wait to get you on the most beautiful trails of Gran Canaria to have fun with your mountain bike.

Are you an “easy going” guy? Nice! Here at Gran Canaria Mountain Bike you can find the best mtb tours of the island. Select the single Mountain Bike Tour that best suits your riding taste.

Do you prefer a personalized and all-inclusive service to fully support your mountain bike holiday? Then our Mountain Bike Camp is the right solution for you!

Whatever your preference, the team of Gran Canaria Mountain Bike, with his Guides and Bike Shuttle is ready to get you into the most exciting and spectacular trails of the island.

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1 day tour on the most beautiful and exciting trails of Gran Canaria

Customize your mtb experience with all-inclusive premium services


Cyclist’s paradise

Gran Canaria has a spring climate even in the middle of winter (24° average temperature), altitudes up to 2000 meters, amazing natural trails, an incredible variety of landscapes and breathtaking views.


Friendly and expert guides

Our guides live on the island. They are relaxed and focused, to keep you safe while you enjoy this paradise. Gran Canaria Mountain Bike team is ready to guide your group while providing you with advice on skill and technique. Guaranteed fun!


Top bikes, pro service

Do you prefer to travel light? We can supply you with high-end mtb, ranging between 130 – to 170 mm. E-bikes are also available, to enjoy a new riding experience. Each bike is assisted by professional mechanics before each rental.


Top bike shuttle service

The most beautiful trails are located in the most inner part of the island, 1-1.5 hour drive from the coast. This is why Gran Canaria Mountain Bike is keen to provide a professional and reliable bike shuttle service, taking maximum care of you and your bike.

Canary mountain bike riding style

The common riding style here on the island is called “volcanic”. It’s about natural mountain tracks, partly rocky and partly soil trails. The riding style is mainly technical. Positive altitude gaps can be limited using the bike shuttle, which help us to save some energies to fully enjoy the endless downhill to the ocean.

The ideal rider loves to bomb technical trails, rock gardens and active riding. The best mountain bike here is a strong all mountain with good travel. An enduro mtb is perfect.

If you have not already raided Gran Canaria before, forget everything you’ve done and seen until now. Everything is different here. Trails, environment, landscapes, atmosphere, weather conditions.

Get ready to go from the 1950 meters of Pico de la Nieves, the highest peak of the island, to the dunes of Maspalomas, the most characteristic beach of the island, famous all over the world. Genuine dunes of the Sahara desert all along the sea, a little paradise that you can reach after a flow of over 40 km of exciting downhill and breathtaking views…

Is it enough exciting for you?

Watch out this video and get an idea of what awaits you:

Gran Canaria Mountain Bike Tours in short

  • Exotic location, among the most popular in Europe

  • Never ending spring weather, dry and temperated even in the middle of winter

  • Chance to bathe in the middle of winter

  • Unconventional trails, soaked in breathtaking landscapes

  • Mtb tours in a volcanic and uncontaminated environment, found nowhere else

  • Committed team that takes care of your mtb tour with professionalism

1 day tour on the most beautiful and exciting trails of Gran Canaria

Customize your mtb experience with all-inclusive premium services


A friendly and thoughtful MTB guide

I spent a week of vacation in Gran Canaria with Fabio, a friendly and thoughtful MTB guide to my needs. I would say cuddled before the trail but, when it was time to get serious, he was there and we made a lot of nice rides.

It has been amazing and funny to ride whit Fabio: he makes you know the island in all its wholeness. What else can I tell? He is also cheap and has a really convenient shuttle service. Nice job man!

Dario M. - Biella - Italy

44, entrepreneur

An excellent MTB tour guide

Searching on the internet in the UK we found Gran Canaria Mountain Bike Tours and contacted Fabio, that suggested a fantastic route suitable for our skill and fitness levels. Throughout the booking process Fabio’s communication was always timely and good quality.

We enjoyed a fantastic day with Fabio, who was an excellent MTB tour guide. His English was good, he rode at a pace that matched our skill levels and the organization and arrangements were all first class. I can fully recommend him.

Kevin A. - Broughton - UK

47, PMO Project Leader

A capable, competent guide

Thanks Fabio for this tour, next time you will take me to enjoy the other tours! You are a capable, competent, judicious guide and you made me spend a fabulous day! See you soon!

Fabio A. - Arona - Italy


Wonderful experience with a super professional guide

I spent two days of wonderful biking on the beautiful trails, thanks to the support of the team of Gran Canaria mountain bike and of the guide Fabio. Excellent biker, patient, competent and very helpful. He was able to adapt perfectly to our needs and our style of riding, choosing routes and rhythm in an impeccable way. It was a wonderful experience with a super professional mountain bike guide. Definitively recommended to every biker to hire Fabio. Many tanks!!!

Monica G. - Milano - Italy

33, fashion designer
Gran Canaria Mtb Tours Free Guide
Gran Canaria Mtb Tours Free Guide
Gran Canaria Mtb Tours Free Guide
Gran Canaria Mtb Tours Free Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bicycle is recommended for riding in Gran Canaria?

The ideal bike to have fun in Gran Canaria is an enduro bike. You can also enjoy an E-mtb, as those we rent. The important thing is that it is a fairly recent bike with reliable and functional components. DH bikes are not recommended, because there are also challenging climbs to be tackled.

Can I rent a bike?

Yes of course! You can rent mountain bikes on site. Our technical rental partner has different types of bicycles available, with components of a fairly high level. We strongly recommend you to give a try at our brand new E-mtb: super funny bikes that our guests love very much! 

Do I need a special equipment, such as a full-face helmet or protections?

Yes, you must equip yourself to tackle challenging trails.

HELMET: it is mandatory. We recommend the enduro full-face helmet with detachable chin-guard for the most technical and demanding tours.

KNEEPADS: highly recommended. Ideal are enduro models, which allow you to pedal well and give a decent protection.

ELBOW: recommended for the most technical and demanding tours. Better the soft enduro models, because in case you want to remove them, they do not clutter much in the backpack.

ARMOUR AND BACK PROTECTOR: there are no mandatory indications for these protections. In theory, the more protected and the better. However, consider that the weight of an armour and his thermal effect when pedaling can greatly reduce comfort and increase tiredness.

BACKPACK: it is mandatory. In fact, it is necessary to bring a good supply of water, along with a wind/rain-proof jacket, at least one spare air tube suitable for your bicycle, energy bars and a minitool for emergency repairs.

Do I need special clothing to take part in the mtb tours?

Mountain bike clothing is recommended. In particular, it is advisable to wear an intimate padded boxer whit protective padding in the seat area, to avoid to get bored in the perineum area. A wind/rain-proof jacket jacket is also needed, because the weather can change very quickly, specially on the top of the island.

How long do the tours last?

The tours last from 4 to 6 hours on average. This is however a general indication, as it depends on the participants’ fitness and skills.

Do I have to be fit and in good shape to participate in the tours?

Yes, to participate in the tours you should have a good fitness and good technical skills. On a case by case basis it is however possible to evaluate and organize shortened and / or suitable tours even for not to much trained people.

I am a beginner, can I participate in a mtb tour?

Our tours are selected for bikers with a discrete skill and technical background. By chance, however, it is possible to evaluate and organize less demanding tours, suitable even for beginners.

Is there a break at restaurants / lodges to eat, or should I bring something to eat?

In general, food autonomy is necessary to participate in the tours. It is possible that we will pass by restaurants / bars, but their opening is not guaranteed, nor is it possible to program the stop depending on the food requirements of the participants. For this reason, a packed lunch is usually planned, so plan to bring at least a few energy bars with you.

I'm interested in the night mtb tour: do I have the lights, or do you supply them?

Night tours also include bicycle front and rear lights. However, if you have your own bike light and / or helmet light system, you can take it with you.

I have an e-mtb (electric bicycle). Can I participate?

Sure. E-mountain bikes are the best choice to join us!
Please be aware that e-MTBs currently can not travel on airplanes due to battery restrictions. Therefore, if you want to use an e-mtb you can rent it from us.

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