To confirm your reservation you are required to pay no-refundable deposit, which amount depends on the type of service you ask for. The balance must be paid by the due date indicated on the invoice. Failure to balance will result in the cancellation of your booking, or an increase in costs due to extra management on our part. Once received the deposit and accepted the registration form, the contract between you and Gran Canaria Mountain Bike will become binding and we will send you an invoice and a payment date for the balance. Any extra amount related to bicycle rental will be added to the cost of the purchased services and will be paid according to the booking conditions of Gran Canaria Mountain Bike.



Unfortunately cancellations occur. Often due to illness, injury of the participant or of a family member, or to unpredictable events. These events are covered by travel insurance policies that we recommend:

– Allianz Adventure & Survival Assistance

In most cases, travel cancellation insurance covers deposits and no-refundable payments up to the purchased limits.
Any cancellation must be communicated in writing by the person who made the reservation.
Whatever the reason for the cancellation on your side (for your decision or impossibility to use the services booked), if you cancel:

– more than a week before the provision of the services purchased, you will be charged only the no-refundable deposit you paid as reservation.
– less than a week before the provision of the services purchased, or at the beginning or during the bike holiday / tour / mtb camp, you will be charged the full cost of the services purchased on

When you pay the no-refundable deposit to book our service, you implicitly accept the above cancellation conditions.

We know that totally unforeseen events may result in cancellation of the holiday. This is why we strongly recommend that you take out insurance against irrecoverable cancellation costs. The insurance cost for a week is rather limited and affordable.



Gran Canaria Mountain Bike will cancel the booked services only if it is forced to do so due to unusual or unpredictable circumstances, such as wars, civil unrest, natural disasters. However, we reserve the right to cancel the services booked in the remote event of force majeure that prevents the provision of the services.

In the event of war, civil unrest, natural disasters or other force majeure, we will do our best to refund participants for all sums that we have not yet paid to our suppliers. However, in these cases it is the user’s responsibility to request any remaining unrecoverable payments and charges from their travel insurer.



Gran Canaria Mountain Bike is unlikely to modify the booked services. If forced to do so, we are committed to ensuring that changes are minimal. If a change becomes necessary, we will inform you as soon as possible.

This type of adventurous vacation could be subject to changes in the itinerary and it is a fundamental condition of your participation that you accept this. Gran Canaria Mountain Bike and its agents reserve the right to modify tours and itineraries due to adverse weather, environmental or road conditions. Itinerary changes due to these reasons are not subject to any type of refund. To guarantee the safety of customers and staff, all programs can be modified or canceled at any time during the holiday.



On-tour flexibility. It is a fundamental condition for booking and participation to accept the dangers involved in this type of travel and to accept that, visiting remote and mountain regions, there is an element of on-tour flexibility. The itinerary indicated in this site is only indicative and not a guarantee that a particular route will be followed, or a particular place will be reached.

It is necessary to recognize and accept that, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, delays and modifications may occur, with the resulting inconveniences. You must accept that the presentation provided by this website describes what realistically to expect from your holiday, but that there is flexibility during the tour. By purchasing our service you therefore implicitly accept that you will not be refunded for any unused service due to these possible unforeseen circumstances.

Behavior. You must respect the authority of your tour leaders (guides and staff charged by Gran Canaria Mountain Bike). If the tour leaders believe that your behavior presents risks to your safety and that of the group, you may be asked to leave the group and not to participate in the following cycling tours. In this event, even if remote, you will not be entitled to any refund.

Fitness. You must have a level of fitness appropriate to the excursions you want to do. Any information provided by Gran Canaria Mountain Bike on issues such as weather, clothing, luggage, travel, accommodation, special equipment etc. is provided in good faith, but without any responsibility from Gran Canaria Mountain Bike. If, in the opinion of our guides or staff, your fitness or equipment could compromise your safety or a bike tour, we reserve the right to cancel or terminate your participation. In these circumstances you will not be entitled to a refund, or to any compensation.

Equipment. You are responsible for bringing suitable equipment for mountain biking. Find some details about the appropriate equipment on this page.

Details of the contract. Details of what is included and excluded in your contract with us are shown in the offer description. You should be familiar with these details before booking.

Medical conditions. If you suffer from a medical condition that could affect the enjoyment of your vacation / tour / mtb camp on your part and other people, you must notify us when booking. In the same way, please notify us at the time of booking for any dietary needs.

Independent travel. We are not responsible for your actions and your safety for any independent journey undertaken before, during (if you leave early) or after the holiday / tour / mtb camp. All transport is carried out entirely at your own risk. The same applies to any independent agreement that you have to make and that is not part of the service stipulated with Gran Canaria Mountain Bike.

Accidents. Gran Canaria Mountain Bike assumes no responsibility for accidents or deaths resulting from negligence or imprudence of the participant, acts of third parties or external circumstances, such as weather, environmental conditions, natural events, traffic accidents or aircraft acidents, wars or other similar causes.

Unforeseeable situations. Gran Canaria Mountain Bike will not be responsible for any damage caused by the total or partial cancellation of the stipulated services, if such failure is:
– imputable to anyone other than the direct staff of Gran Canaria Mountain Bike;
– unpredictable or unavoidable and attributable to third parties not connected to Gran Canaria Mountain Bike;
– the result of unusual or unpredictable circumstances, reasonably beyond the control of Gran Canaria Mountain Bike;
– the result of an event that Gran Canaria Mountain Bike or any of its agents, even with due diligence, could not foresee.

Gran Canaria Mountain Bike can not be held responsible for any mishaps occurring to yourself or to your property and, in particular, for the consequences of flight cancellations, flight changes, delays, traffic accidents, strikes, illnesses, negligence, bad weather, war, governmental acts, customs or police intervention or other similar events that extend due to force majeure. By booking or purchasing our services, you acknowledge that we have taken all reasonable steps to safeguard any liability in this regard.

Your bike. If you use your bicycle, we strongly recommend that you have it completely overhauled at a reliable bicycle shop before departure. Most bicycles now have exclusive and specific components, such as front derailleurs, dropouts, etc. We can not therefore guarantee the availability of special spare parts compatible with your bicycle. So travel with your spare parts.

Bike hire. The customer must return the bicycle and all the accessories in the same condition in which they were hired. Otherwise it will be asked to make an immediate payment, sufficient to restore the damaged material to the original conditions.
Gran Canaria Mountain Bike is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of equipment by customers. The customer must indemnify Gran Canaria Mountain Bike against any claim arising from the use that he made of the bicycle and any other equipment used during the rental period. In the event that the bicycle and / or accessories are lost or stolen, the customer must indemnify Gran Canaria Mountain Bike for the costs of replacing these items. If the equipment is subsequently returned in a satisfactory condition, this money will be reimbursed.

Losses. Gran Canaria Mountain Bike assumes no responsibility for the loss of any property owned by the participants. You are solely responsible for your valuables. You should not leave anything of value unattended, as this could lead to the temptation of theft. You are solely responsible for the safety of the bicycle and the equipment you are using, even if hired. Do not leave your bicycle unattended and make sure it is safely stored and locked to meet the specifications of your bicycle insurance policy.

Complaints. All claims must be sent to Gran Canaria Mountain Bike within five days of your departure to your destination. Otherwise, any possible compensation will not be considered valid.



When you purchase or book one of our service, you accept all the conditions shown on this page. When we accept your booking, we are committed to fulfilling our obligations to you, as defined in the information we have provided to you. Both parts of this agreement are subject to, and must be interpreted and enforced according to Spanish law in a Spanish court in Maspalomas (Las Palmas – Spain).


Travel insurance is mandatory.
> Find out more about travel insurance