Camino de la Plata is one of the most exciting and representative mountain bike tours here in Gran Canaria. Get ready for an infinite and spectacular glide from the Pico de las Nieves (highest peak of the island), at 1950 meters of altitude, towards the blue of the ocean, raiding rocky trails carved on the sides of the canyons by the natives of the island.



36/39 km


460/570 m ↑  2300/2450 m ↓




3/4 – expert


After reaching Pico de las Nieves with our bike shuttle, we open the dances with an exciting dirty and rocky technical descent, with which we slowly lose altitude. The views on the canyons are are truly breathtaking and you have to be very careful not to be distracted… The trail then winds in a beautiful forest, gently dancing in the trees and giving us intense emotions.

The next part is a very long and winding trail, partly dirty and partly paved, inherited by the natives of the island. The scenario that opens to our eyes is priceless and it is impossible not to stop and admire the incredible landscapes that surround us.

The third part of the tour is a long and epic ride on trails that seem to have been stolen from the sides of the mountains. Legend has it that they were created by locals to transport the victims of the sea to the burial sites on the interior.

When you glimpse a beautiful artificial lake, set among the canyons, whose emerald green contrasts with the intense blue of the sky, you will know that you are about to face the final part of this wonderful tour. Depending on the physical and environmental conditions, we could opt for a comfortable and quick return with an asphalt descent or switch on an exciting secret trail… A hidden variant that locals do not share with tourists: same final destination, but with extra fun that will satisfy the appetite of even the most demanding bikers.

The tour ends on the promenade of Meloneras, just around the corner of the sand dunes of Maspalomas, to take the edge off with a mega-ice cream or an ice-cold beer, savored in front of the ocean.


  • when you book this tour you create a private group: no other participant can be aggregated in addition to those provided in your booking
  • you can take part in this tour only if you already have good technical mountain biking experience and if you are physically fit. Contact us for more information.


Private group

Bike shuttle *

Professional mountain bike guide

Energy Bar

(*) from Playa del Ingles to the starting point of the tour.