Fataga SuperMountain is one of the funniest and newest mtb tours in Gran Canaria. Fast red soil flow sections alternate with challenging rock gardens and technical sections in the heart of the mountains. An exciting dance that ends on the Yegua trail, the brand new trail all jumps and berms builded by the locals riders!



30 km


280 m ↑
1480 m ↓






STS reference

S grade: S2

S grade: S2

Fataga Supermountain - Gran Canaria-mountain Bike Tour


Gran Canaria Mountain Bike tour - fataga altitude profile


This new mountain bike tour in Gran Canaria originates from the idea of connecting some of the most amusing and exciting trails in the south of the island. We start at an altitude of 1300 meters, on a trail surmounted by massive rock walls, which remind us of the volcanic nature of the island. Suddenly we pass from a rocky trail to a fun flow section that winds on a red soil single track. And it’s wow!

After a short but challenging uphill, we relieve our legs on a fire road that runs along the sides of an impressing canyon, up to cross on a very technical and funny trail, which leads us with arrogance into the valley of Fataga. The landscape here is really impressive and you have to work hard not to get distracted.

Reached a beautiful semi-flat area, we rush on a very funny flow section. Fast stretches alternate with gentle ups and downs, very pleasant to ride. From an open space that dominate the valley of Fataga to see the ocean in the distance, we enter a fun trail, which alternates fast sections on red soil with technical, stony stretches. We dance between fun berms and challenging rock gardens for several minutes, while around us the vegetation imperceptibly changes, until we find ourselves immersed in a singular forest of palm and bamboo. With a few pedal strokes we reach the village of Fataga, where we stop at a typical restaurant, to recover the energies and share the feelings of this beautiful tour.

Gently we start again on a nice dirt track, which leads us shortly to the bottom of the canyon of Fataga, where it runs an easy single track that we ride along at full speed. A short climb on tarmac will rewarded us with the funny Yegua trail, a new single track builded by the locals riders. It is easy to be conquered by this fast track, a succession of berms and short pedal strokes, which flows with increasing rhythm until we reach a section with beautiful jumps and a lot of berms. A final fast flowing section lead us gently into the city. What better way to end a fun mountain bike tour?

Fataga SuperMountain ends on the promenade of Meloneras, just around the corner of the sand dunes of Maspalomas, to relax and rest with a super-ice cream or an ice-cold beer, savored in front of the ocean.

Tour starts: 9.30 am from Maspalomas area (1 hour of driving to reach the summit of the mountain at 1300 meters)
Tour ends: around 4:00 pm in Meloneras promenade


  • you can take part in this tour only if you already have good technical mountain biking experience and if you are physically fit.
  • Contact us for more information.


Bike shuttle *

Professional mountain bike guide

Energy Bar

(*) from Playa del Ingles to the starting point of the tour.


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