Indie Backyard trail is a very fun All mountain excursion, located in the South of Gran Canaria, with a spectacular sea view that accompanies us in the second half of the tour. Slogan is: FLOW!
You will have a lot of fun whizzing among cactus and bushes of the typical desert vegetation of the south of Gran Canaria. A must for lovers of adventures on fast, flow tracks and landscapes with exotic and desert flavor.



23 km


600 m ↑
600 m ↓






STS reference

S grade: S1

S grade: S2

Indie Backyard Elevation profile - mtb Gran Canaria


We begin the excursion by warming up the muscles on asphalt road with a few pedal strokes, which take us to the beginning of this adventure, a comfortable dirt track, which gentle makes us gain altitude always with contained slopes.
In a flash we find ourselves on the ridge of one of the many barrancos in the area, from which our view can sweep free at 360 degrees, up to the high mountains of the center of the island towards the north and towards the ocean in all other directions. A pleasant show that accompanies us for almost the entire ride.

Before reaching the highest point of the day we break the gentle climb with a nice single track up and down, which act as an appetizer of the type of single trails we will ride today.

In a little while we reach the point from which the single trails begin. This second part of the ride totally winds on various and fun single tracks. A very long flow among bushes, cactus and plants typical of the southern desert of Gran Canaria, which always makes our participants shouts of appreciation and joy!

A Cross Country race has recently been held in this area and we benefit from the work done by local bikers, who have opened new variants and fixed the trail floor very well, making it close to perfection!

With a few pedal strokes here and there we can keep up the pace, since the trails are never steep, but on the contrary pleasantly fluid and with a slope that is always well manageable. Some steps between rocks allows us to take some breaks that we can take advantage of to take photos and selfies to be published on social…

The last part of the ride offers us exotic tracks and settings that change suddenly, giving us a feeling of variety that enriches this adventure.

Finally, with a very short descent on dirt track we reach the starting point of this tour, where the bike shuttle awaits us to bring us back “to civilization”.

Tour starts: 10.00 am from Maspalomas area (25 minutes driving to reach the starting point of the route).
Tour ends: around 2:00 pm in Maspalomas area.


  • you can take part in this tour only if you can manage S2 trails. Medium technical mountain biking experience and medium fitness are required.
  • for safety reasons, in the event of adverse weather conditions at high altitudes, the tour can be canceled at the sole discretion of the guide.
  • Contact us for more information.


Bike shuttle *

Professional mountain bike guide

Energy Bar

(*) from Maspalomas to the starting point of the tour and from the end of the route back to Maspalomas.


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