Grand Canyon is one of the great classic Gran Canaria mountain bike tours. The ideal backcountry excursion to become familiar with the riding style and the incredible environment of the island. You will ride on fast soil and loose tracks, which wind on the slopes of a series of rocky Canyons chained together in a superbe mtb tour. An exciting experience enhanced by the long final downhill to ride at full speed!



28 km


380 m ↑  680 m ↓




2/4 – medium

Grand Canyon - Gran Canaria Mountain Bike Tour - track full


Grand Canyon - Gran Canaria-mountain Bike Tour altitude gap


We start this amazing Gran Canaria mountain bike tour onboard the bike shuttle, with which we’ll reach an important complex of dams in the backcountry, a precious reserve of water for the severe climate of the South. At an altitude of 310m we access the fire road that climbs, with gentle slope, on the left side of the canyon. The view is spectacular and, thanks to the well rolling surface and its slight gradient, we can enjoy it in an exciting hug. The easy to ride track lets us gain altitude with little effort. The more we climb, the more our sight can range among the canyons of the south, giving us a truly incredible and unusual view.

Once reached the first of a series of scenic balcony and after the ritual shots and selfies, we launch into an easy and fast downhill, that leads us into the adjacent canyon. Once we reach the bottom, we will climb up the other side, on a surface now a little stony, but always easily rolling. At the second panoramic viewpoint, we go down again on a fast and fun downhill, and then climb uphill again to a third panoramic balcony, from which the view is really impressive. It is impossible not to get off the bike and take a lot of pictures.

Now we ride downhill on a bit more challenging surface, until we reach a crossroads, from which begins the very fun and long final downhill. Here the most skilled can ride full gas and reach remarkable speeds, having fun on the wide red soil berms and switchbacks, which help to maintain the speed and the control even when cornering. After a series of amusing turns and short pedal strokes, the last downhill on a nice red soil track will surely tear out a few screams of excitement. In short we’ll reach the bottom of the last canyon, which will bring us with no effort into the city, behind Maspalomas.

Tour starts: 9.30 am from Playa del Ingles (30 minutes of driving to reach the beginning of the trail)
Tour ends: around 1:00 pm in Playa del Ingles


  • you can take part in this tour only if you have a good technical mountain bike experience and you are able to tackle a 30km ride.
  • on request and depending on the characteristics of the group and the level of training of the participants, it is possible to ride the whole tour by bike starting from the Maspalomas area, without using the bike shuttle.
  • Contact us for more information.


Bike shuttle *

Professional mountain bike guide

Energy Bar

(*) from Playa del Ingles to the starting point of the tour.

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