Mountain Bike Camp is a full-featured service supporting the mountain bike activity in Gran Canaria, 100% tailored on the guest’s needs. No pre-determined tours or restrictions imposed by participants with different skill levels and / or bicycle.

It is aimed at:

  • demanding single bikers, looking for personalized and exclusive services;
  • couples of bikers, who fear excessive differences in the technical and physical skills of the participants of the mtb tours;
  • small private groups of max 7 people, who want a personalized and exclusive support for their mountain bike holidays.


Mountain Bike Camp allows the total customization of mountain bike tours on the guest’s preferences, based on its technical skill level, athletic, type of bike and cycling tastes, with the addition of premium support services not included in the standard tours.

to get the best possible experience, compared to what Gran Canaria can offer.


  • Number of participants

    Can participate up to a maximum of 7 bikers

  • Number of tours

    Mountain Bike Camp is available from 1 to maximum 5 tours (1 tour per day with at least 1 day rest).

Before your arrival we will develop together a personalized guided tours plan, based on your needs and preferences. During your stay, we will define the details and we will also take care of a series of complementary services.


A lot of bikers are demanding an all-inclusive and customized service to support their mountain bike holiday in Gran Canaria. In addition to the standard mountain biking and bike shuttle services, the Mountain Bike Camp formula also includes the following additional services:

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    Customized tours

    Customizing tours on individual guest preferences

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    Mechanical assistance

    On trail mechanical support for emergency repairs

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    On trail photos and videos

    We shoot you in the most beautiful parts of the trail

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    First aid kit

    On trail first aid equipment

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    Bicycle management

    Cleaning and possible basic maintenance with workshop tools

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    Sun protection

    High quality screen, suited to the demanding environmental conditions

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    Private transfer

    Airport / Hotel and Hotel / Airport


The trails that you find in Mountain Bike Camp formula generally are the ones you can see in section 1 day mountain bike tour.

Unlike the “standard” tours, in this case you can modify the route, the altitude, the duration and the stops according to your needs, so as to personalize them with respect to your athletic and technical training.

Furthermore, in the Mountain Bike Camp formula you can request to ride on other very nice trails, not published on this website, if necessary.


Fill out the form below with your details. Be sure to enter a valid e-mail address that you frequently use. Indicate the number of participants, tours and the date when you want to organize your Mountain Bike Camp.

We will contact you by e-mail in a few hours to investigate your needs and build with you the perfect mountain bike holiday in Gran Canaria, according to your preferences.