El Diablo Trail is one of the most popular mtb tours that Gran Canaria Mountain Bike guests ask to ride. Perfect synthesis of the “true” mountain biking here in the south of the island. Technical sections with rock gardens alternate with adrenaline soil trails, which wind along the vertical slopes of rocky canyons. You’ll can not avoid shouting “wow!” due to the incredible mix of riding fun, unique surroundings and stunning views.



39 km


350 m ↑
1700 m ↓






STS reference

S grade: S2

S grade: S2

Our guide Fabio filming a short section of El Diablo Trail

El Diablo - Gran Canaria-mountain Bike Tour - full track
Gran Canaria Mountain Bike tour - el diablo altitude profile


This Gran Canaria mountain bike tour starts at 1300, in the severe rocky hinterland behind Maspalomas, easily reached with our bike shuttle. Heading South, we warm our muscles up on a fast rolling and wide fire road carved on the slopes of a majestic Canyon, while the surrounding panorama hypnotizes us with an unforgettable view.

After an appetizer based on film scenarios, thinks start getting serious. A flowing single track leads us to a long and epic ride on trails litteraly stolen from the sides of the mountains. Legend tells that they were created by natives to transport the victims of the sea to the burial sites on the interior of the island. Soil, rocks, bizarre exotic plants with unusual colors and shapes, are mix together in an exciting and unique combination that you can find only here in Gran Canaria.

After many kilometers, when you will glimpse two unexpected lakes set among the canyons, whose emerald green contrasts with the intense blue of the sky, you will know that you are about to face the final part of this amazing tour. Now we will choose between:

  • return with a comfortable and fast paved road, or
  • ride a long fire road that crosses various canyons from west to east. The track, very easy and flowing, allows us to admire the grandeur of nature, which express itself in the majestic of the South Canyon. A fast and fun downhill takes us back to the city.

El Diablo Trail tour ends on the promenade of Meloneras, just around the corner of the sand dunes of Maspalomas, to relax and rest with a super-ice cream or an ice-cold beer, savored in front of the ocean.

Tour starts: 9.15 am from Maspalomas area (1 hour of driving to reach the summit of the mountain at 1300 meters)
Tour ends: around 3:30 pm in Meloneras promenade


  • you can take part in this tour only if you already have good technical mountain biking experience and if you are physically fit. Contact us for more information.


Bike shuttle *

Professional mountain bike guide

Energy Bar

(*) from Playa del Ingles to the starting point of the tour.

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