Guayadeque trail is the other side of Gran Canaria mountain biking: an endless trail that, from 1950 meters of the top of the island, flows sinuously to the sea, crossing an exciting variety of natural environments. Characterized by a high rate of adrenaline and fun, it requires excellent cycling skills.



50 km


210 m ↑
2080 m ↓






STS reference

S grade: S2

S grade: S3

The guide Fabio shooting our guests Dario riding Guayadeque Trail

Guayadeque trail - Gran Canaria Mountain Bike Tour - track full


We reach the high altitude pine forests, at 1950m above the seal level with the bike shuttle. The mountain environment here is really inviting. We start in a forest of canarian pines and, after several bends, some of which with small berms that enhance the fun, suddenly stands before us an almost lunar landscape. We are on top of the volcano of Gran Canaria and the eyes go crazy for the beauty of the scenery. After the ritual shots, we dive downhill on a flowing trail of lava gravel. The fun is at the top!

A nice single tracks and a fast fire road that we ride at full power lead us to the most characteristic and singular section of the Guayadeque trail: a red, long and flowing trail, set among low stone walls, which the ancient natives of the island have laboriously built in past centuries. It almost seems that you can perceive the echo of the past, while dancing on this thin strip of red soil, stolen from the sides of endless expanses of stone and lava soil, covered with low vegetation. Various species of cactus and prickly pears, along with varieties of “el drago” and “salado verde” will accompany us for many kilometers.

We rest a few minutes at some caves dug into the mountain tufa: the landscape here is incredible and on some special days it recalls the slopes full of moisture of Borneo… While flowing down the hill, landscape gradually changes and we find ourselves pushing hard on a funny fire road to ride at full speed.

Landscape continues to change drastically: a funny trail flowing in the middle of abandoned greenhouses leads us to the ocean, where we follow a nice trail that crosses a protected nature reserve along the sea. Then we move away from the sea, to take a soil track which is reminiscent of Morocco’s desert. Kilometers wind quickly between these undulating lands and, in a few minutes, we return again to the ocean. Along the marine promenade several tourist complexes stand at our right, while on the left the ocean silently accompanies us. Here you will not miss the intrigued glances towards us and our bicycles, to remind us that we are very special people!

Guayadeque Trails ends at the end of San Agustin’s promenade, where we could stop in one of the many bars overlooking the sea, to celebrate this wonderful day with a fresh beer and some shots to upload on social networks!

Tour starts: 9.15 am from Maspalomas area (1.5 hours of driving to reach the summit of the mountain at 1950 meters)
Tour ends: around 3:30 pm in Maspalomas


  • you can take part in this tour only if you already have good technical mountain biking experience and if you are physically fit. Contact us for more information.


Bike shuttle *

Professional mountain bike guide

Energy Bar

(*) from Playa del Ingles to the starting point of the tour.


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