Locals Only Trail is a flowing loop trail that develops behind the city of Las Palmas. This is the “locals only” area of the island, an endless maze of trails, many of which are worked by local bikers and trail builders, with a lot of jumps and berms. Get ready for an AM / Enduro tour, to be ridden at full power on the beautiful red dirt of the north of the island.



25 km


940 m ↑  940 m ↓




2/4 – expert


The tour starts from Arucas, a rural village behind Las Palmas. We ride on a gentle slope that slowly makes us gain altitude. After a couple of kilometers we cross a small dam, which in the past served to retain water for the agricultural uses (a second one is visible in the pictures). From here begins a short coasting trail, through fixed and smooth rocks, which requires our balancing skills.

A couple of kilometers of asphalt connect us to a beautiful trail of red dirt, typical of this area. After running along a pond on the left, we enter in a very fun and streamlined trail. Here we full open the throttle and let ourselves be carried away by the flow of this section. Then we enter a nice wood, where we channel into a trail with a lot of berms and some jumps, a small gift of local bikers…

Now we gain altitude again on a beautiful trail of red dirt, which leads us in a mixed section, where flat parts alternate with small drops uphill, with a serious gradient. Here those who have an e-bike have a lot of fun to challenge the demanding slope while remaining in the saddle.

After crossing a beautiful eucalyptus forest, we rest our legs for a couple of kilometers on asphalt, then we take a very fun trail on our right. Red soil, switchback, rides in the woods…a real pleasure! Reached a hilltop, we take a fast trail on the left. We have fun letting the bike run through the low vegetation, before dealing with another trail similar to the previous one.

Once reached an intersection of various paths, we stop for a well-deserved break and take some pictures. Then we take the trail downhill, an amazing berms and jumps section, another creation of the local bikers.

After having gained a bit of altitude, we dive into a nice and very fast trail, that allow us to get all the power of the legs on the pedals. Guaranteed fun.

The last part of this tour winds on a sort of hill-plateau, scene of many local cycling challenges. Here there is a real maze of beautiful trails and it is easy to get lost among them… The guide will delight us by connecting the most beautiful and fun sections. A nice sequence of pedals strokes, berms and fast section take us back to the starting point, where the bike shuttle awaits us for the return to the south.


  • when you book this tour you create a private group: no other participant can be aggregated in addition to those provided in your booking
  • you can take part in this tour only if you already have good technical mountain biking experience and if you are physically fit. Contact us for more information.


Private group

Bike shuttle *

Professional mountain bike guide

Energy Bar

Water bottle

(*) Playa del Ingles – starting point of the tour – Playa del Ingles.